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Electrical Design & Drafting

Providing services from just a few hours labour to permanent site based engineers/drafters or electricians we are flexible in our clients’ needs and are happy to assist. We always keep on top of the ever changing Australian standards to ensure you are given a design that is complient .


  • Software Utilised

  • To be compatible with our clients all drawings are saved in year 2000 version of AutoCAD or DXF if the client prefers.  The Electrical modelling is either done in SKM Power tools or Solutions Electrical depending on the client’s request.   Lighting design is modelled with AGI32 and all design files are handed over at the end of the job.  We hope our clients retain us because they are pleased with our work  that is performed not via the fact we wont hand over the electrical design and will cost a fortune to recreate it from scratch like many other firms do.

  • Flexible Workforce

    BDD understands  how critical downtime on any plant can be and will work in with the client to visit on downdays to complete works.  Although it may take longer it doesnt cause any problems with the day to day running of mines and industry.



  • What we do

  • Electrical Distribution design with fault current voltage drop and fault loop impedance taken into consideration

    Substation yard design

    Transportable Substation design

    Protection design (protection relays earth fault over current instantanious etc)

    PLC and SCADA control design

    Drawing signoff RPEQ Engineer

    Electrical drafting

    Arcflash studies

    Road lighting design

    Office lighting design

    Industrial Lighting Design




BDD recognises that it has a responsibility to manage the environmental impact of its operations. For many years BDD has been committed to being an environmentally conscious organisation, conducting its business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. BDD has now made a formal commitment to manage and reduce its environmental impacts through implementing an Environmental Management System that has successfully achieved certification to the ISO14001:2004 international standard.

BDD has a verifiable commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for our employees.  It is an assessment specifically designed for occupational health and safety management systems.  Our commitment to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees is directly linked to our customers. Being awarded OHSAS 18001



BDD has recently received ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard accreditation assuring excellence and quality control in all areas of business. This certified standard is reviewed and re-assessed annually to ensure the business is ever improving and operating to high standards. The International Standards Organisation is the World's largest developer of standards with 162 member countries. With this worldwide recognition, ISO certification is a recognised way of proving an organisation's credentials and BDD are proud to be ISO 9001 accredited.

With BDD's committment to Safety, Environmental and Quality managment ensures the client always recieves services to meet there requirements that are consistant and predictable results in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.